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Leadership and management in the tourism industry

By Andreas G. Karagiannis, Mayor of Derynia



The demands of tourists, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, seem to be constantly changing and for this very important reason, businesses should incorporate new management methods, focusing mainly on a more humane approach to the customer. A decisive factor that can bring success in the management of tourism businesses is the proper education and training especially of the leadership team and also of the existing staff, thereby providing them with opportunities for advancement.

The proper leadership of an organization or a tourism business needs a good management team, which inspires the lower layers of the work pyramid. The suggestions of ordinary workers should be listened to and implemented to improve and upgrade the offered tourist product. Responsible management of human resources, guiding and inspiring existing employees, can not only change the work mentality in the tourism sector today but also bring better management and financial benefits to the tourism industry. Both the leadership and management of a tourism business should constantly set goals, implement regular audits, and schedule and monitor their implementation and effectiveness. The right plan, strategic planning.

If the working staff feel good in their workplace and are paid properly, then they will learn to behave professionally and work as a team in a pleasant family atmosphere.

Every organization and business should have the required resources in the expenditure budget for continuous training of their staff, who with the appropriate training will return the benefit to their employer. Today's challenges in the tourism industry require moving from the basic knowledge, consolidating and implementing new strategies which respond to future challenges and new demands of visitors or customers. With the right guidance, the leadership team motivates employees to achieve the goals of improving the product offering, emphasizing quality, service and authenticity. Encouraging staff and recognizing their abilities leads to improved efficiency and effectiveness at work.

The leadership team should also be characterized by good communication skills, encouragement, positivity and reliability while the management team should possess ways of managing and controlling situations and incidents, good organization, proper planning and strategic thinking. Mentoring and proper management especially of staff of different races, ethnicities, education, age and gender are sensitive and delicate issues that both leadership teams should handle properly for the good of the business.

These important characteristics reveal both the culture of the business or the organization and its uniqueness, since in the tourism industry it is not only the good food, the service and the services offered that make the difference, but also the way of approaching the clientele. If the working staff feel good in their workplace and are paid properly, then they will learn to behave professionally and work as a team in a pleasant family atmosphere.

The leadership team, management and staff need training and development of appropriate skills and competencies. The provision of incentives for improvement and training, the guidance and evaluation of staff performance, will lead to the development of leadership skills and will improve the individual performance of staff for the benefit of the business and the organization while contributing to the promotion of Cyprus as a quality tourist destination in general.

Mr. Andros G. Karagiannis is the mayor of Deryneia

[This op-ed piece was translated from its Greek original]

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