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11 climbers perish in Indonesia volcano eruption

Rescue halts amid danger in Marapi


In a devastating turn of events, eleven climbers lost their lives in West Sumatra, Indonesia, following the eruption of the Marapi volcano.

The search for 12 missing climbers was briefly halted due to safety concerns as rescue teams navigated the aftermath.

Jodi Haryawan, spokesperson for the search and rescue team, reported the discovery of three survivors among the 75 climbers present during Sunday's eruption.

The 2,891-meter-high volcano unleashed ash clouds reaching 3 km into the sky, prompting authorities to elevate the alert status and establish a 3 km safety perimeter.

Video footage captured the vast expanse of volcanic ash in the sky, blanketing cars and roads in the affected area. Amid rescue efforts, a small eruption on Monday led to a temporary suspension of the search.

"It's too dangerous if we continue searching now," explained Jodi Haryawan, highlighting the precarious conditions rescuers faced.

Earlier that day, 49 climbers were successfully evacuated from the vicinity, with many undergoing treatment for burns.

Marapi, among Sumatra's most active volcanoes, witnessed its deadliest eruption in April 1979, claiming the lives of 60 individuals.

This recent eruption, following earlier activity between January and February, adds to Indonesia's volcanic challenges, situated in the volatile "Ring of Fire" with 127 active volcanoes, according to the volcanology agency.

[With information sourced from Reuters]

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