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Heavy snow triggers major incident and icy chaos in the UK

Yellow alerts across the nation for snow and ice


In a wintry turn of events, the UK experiences an Alpine transformation as heavy snow blankets Cumbria, leading to abandoned cars and a declared major incident by local police.

According to a Metro UK report, overnight temperatures plunge to -10°C, and uncertainties linger about a white Christmas as the Arctic blast persists into the upcoming week.

The Met Office issues four yellow warnings for snow and ice, spanning from the Orkney Islands to southern Scotland and most of northern England and central Wales.

Simultaneously, a yellow rain warning covers southern England, southern Wales, and the southwest Midlands. The warnings, effective until midday Monday, caution against icy conditions, occasional wintry showers, and heavy rain.

Scotland faces wintry showers with the risk of ice, while northern England and Wales anticipate a modest thaw, resulting in wet surfaces and potential refreezing.

Weather graphic map update 04/12
Picture: Metro Graphics

The Peak District and north Wales may experience additional snowfall, amplifying the risk of icy conditions. In southern regions, heavy rain is forecasted, with some areas expecting up to 60mm.

Concerns heighten as the possibility of a UK "ice rink" emerges, with sub-zero temperatures causing rain and snow to re-freeze.

RAC Breakdown spokesperson Simon Williams warns of treacherous icy conditions in the north, urging caution for drivers and recommending delays or route changes if possible. Safety measures include leaving extra space, reducing speeds, and thorough de-icing before journeys.

[With information sourced from Metro UK]

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