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Snow-white kitten rescued from garbage and finds home for Christmas

Tiny Tim's journey from trash bin to loving home


In a heartwarming holiday rescue, a vigilant garbageman saved a two-day-old snow-white kitten, aptly named Tiny Tim, just moments before being crushed in a garbage truck.

Weighing a mere 93 grams, less than a tangerine, Tiny Tim's tiny mews caught the attention of the quick-thinking hero who plucked him from imminent danger.

Rushed to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital, Tiny Tim, born just days before Christmas, faced a precarious start to life. Hand-fed every two hours and kept in an incubator for warmth, the resilient feline defied the odds.

Tiny Tim's journey took a touching turn when he found a new home alongside Oskie, another Blue Cross rescue kitten who overcame adversity after having a hind leg amputated due to infection. Laura Morris, a Blue Cross employee, welcomed both feline friends into her home.

Expressing gratitude for the rescue, the refuse collector shared, "I'm so glad I brought him to Blue Cross; what an amazing job the team has done. I'm glad to see him so well."

Laura Morris, now the proud owner of Tiny Tim and Oskie, remarked on Tiny Tim's remarkable transformation, saying, "Tiny Tim's so inquisitive, confident, and happy. It's incredibly rewarding to see him as he is now, compared to when he first came to us."

Highlighting the importance of companionship for Tiny Tim's growth, Morris emphasized that learning from another cat provides valuable experiences in feline behavior.

Amanda Rumball, London animal welfare officer at Blue Cross, expressed joy at Tiny Tim's newfound loving home, stating, "We are so happy he is now in a loving home where he is happy, healthy, and fed, which is all pets want for Christmas.

[With information sourced from Good News Network]

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