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31-year-old held for malicious vehicle fire

Police arrested suspect in car blaze investigation


Yesterday, police in Nicosia arrested a 31-year-old resident as part of an investigation into a vehicle arson case. The incident occurred in the morning of February 27, 2024.

The vehicle, belonging to a 40-year-old individual, caught fire around 4:30 am on February 26. Both police and fire services responded to the scene and managed to extinguish the flames, although the vehicle sustained significant damage.

Authorities determined that the fire was deliberately set using flammable material.

Following thorough investigations, evidence implicating the 31-year-old suspect was gathered. A warrant was issued for his arrest, leading to his detention to aid ongoing inquiries.

The Nicosia Criminal Investigation Department (CID) is actively pursuing the case.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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