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15 April, 2024
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Sunny skies ahead

High pressure brings pleasant weather


Get ready for sunny days ahead! Today, expect clear skies with occasional fluffy clouds drifting by. While there might be a hint of dust in the air, nothing can dull the brightness of the day.

Gentle breezes will dance from the northeast to the southeast, keeping things just right at 4 Beaufort. The sea might have a bit of a playful ripple. Temperatures will be delightful, reaching around 21 degrees Celsius in town and by the shore, and a crisp 12 degrees Celsius up in the mountains.

As night falls, the skies will remain clear, offering a perfect backdrop for stargazing or a peaceful evening stroll. Winds will whisper softly from the northwest to the northeast, barely stirring at 3 Beaufort.

The sea will mirror the calmness of the night. Temperatures will dip to a cozy 8 degrees Celsius inland, around 10 degrees Celsius along the coast, and a refreshing 5 degrees Celsius up high.

Looking ahead to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, the forecast continues to shine with sunny spells and occasional clouds adding charm to the sky. Even Friday and Saturday's hint of dust won't dim the sunny disposition.

Temperatures will rise slightly on Thursday before settling into a comfortable pattern on Friday and Saturday, offering a warm embrace above the usual averages. Soak up the sunshine and enjoy the uplifting weather ahead!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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