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37 Syrian migrants arrived in the Famagusta area, traffickers arrested

According to authorities, the migrants said they departed Tartus, Syria, paying $2,500 each

37 migrants arrived in the free province of Famagusta, according to official reports. On the evening of Wednesday, June 21, an unidentified target was detected by the Republic's radar approximately 13 nautical miles southeast of Cape Greco. The target was observed moving towards the Republic's coast. Around 30 minutes after midnight on Thursday, June 22, the vessel entered the Republic's territorial waters. Efforts were made to establish communication with the boat, but no response was received.

Following this, the Port and Maritime Police dispatched a shuttle to approach the unidentified vessel. The boat was identified as a 7-meter-long wooden vessel carrying a total of 37 individuals, including 28 men, 3 women, and 6 children, all from Syria. The migrants stated that they had departed from Tartus, Syria, after paying $2,500 each.

The migrants were taken to the marina of Ayia Napa, and during the subsequent interrogation, evidence was gathered against two individuals, aged 33 and 31, who were identified as the boat's navigators. This morning, members of the Famagusta CID arrested the two individuals on self-incriminating charges. Arrest warrants are expected to be obtained for offenses including illegal entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, assisting a third country person in illegally entering the Republic, transporting a person by water in an overloaded vessel for the purpose of profit, and conspiracy to commit a felony.

The remaining migrants have been transferred to the "Pournara" Temporary Accommodation Centre in Kokkinotrimithia. The two individuals will appear before the Famagusta District Court tomorrow for the issuance of detention orders. The case is currently under investigation by the Famagusta CID.

[Information sourced from official CID announcement]


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