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A heartfelt account of the days preceding Thanasis' death

A mother's unrelenting quest for answers and justice


In the ongoing saga of a mother's relentless pursuit of justice, Ms. Andriana Nikolaou, whose heart continues to ache from the loss of her son Thanasis, shares a shocking and tragic account of the days leading to his death that haunts her to this day.

As reported by Omega Live, the grieving mother recalled the heart-wrenching memories of her child's final days in a poignant and distressing post on Facebook.

She recounts a fateful night on September 26, 2005, when her son returned home briefly from the Army. Thanasis, burdened by the harrowing conditions within his unit, implored his mother to help him escape the torment.

He yearned to break free from what he described as a nightmarish environment populated by unruly and spoiled comrades who subjected him to psychological torture. He also expressed frustration with the indifferent and unresponsive "officers" who offered no protection or reassignment, despite his tearful pleas.

In her anguish, Ms. Andriana advised her son to exercise patience, unaware of the grave peril he faced. She urged him to steer clear of the individuals he referred to as "the bad guys," a prescient warning as, tragically, within a mere two days, her son's voice was silenced forever, leaving her with an irreplaceable void.

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