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20 May, 2022
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Afternoon rain chances loom over Cyprus

Mostly clear skies expected through Saturday but island remains 'under cloud of suspicion'


A relatively low pressure system is affecting the area over Cyprus, with low chances of showers and possibly thunderstorms in the afternoon.

According to weather officials, Wednesday skies will be mostly clear but cloud formations are expected to form after midday and throughout the afternoon with some chances of local showers and possibly thunderstorms mainly in the mountains as well as parts of in east and southeast of the island.

Temperature highs will reach 28 degrees Celsius inland and along the coast in the east and southeast, around 26 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 19 degrees high up in the mountains.

Evening weather will remain mostly clear with temperature lows dropping down to 14 degrees inland, around 16 along the coast, while it will be 7 degrees higher up.

Similar skies, weather patterns, temperatures, and rain chances are expected through Saturday.

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