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Allegations of patients tied to their beds have surfaced

No hospital was specifically mentioned but OKYPY has responded with an investigation

Serious allegations have surfaced regarding the treatment of elderly patients in a public hospital. According to a report in the newspaper Phileleftheros, the Federation of Cyprus Patients' Associations received complaints from patients and relatives in the last two weeks about patients, primarily elderly people, who were tied to their beds under the guise of being dangerous to themselves.

Speaking on ANT1's "Mera Mesimeri," OKYPY spokesman Charalambos Charilaou stated that "these serious complaints will be investigated, and those responsible will be identified," emphasizing that the fundamental principle is respect for human dignity. Charalambous Papadopoulos, secretary of the Federation of Cyprus Patients' Associations, clarified that the complaints were first made to the management of the hospital where the incident occurred. When asked which hospital it was, Papadopoulos replied, "We haven't been told, but we believe it's the general hospital."


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