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Almost 100K third-country nationals ordered to leave EU in Q2 of 2022

A third of them by France

Source: Schengen Visa Info

33,450 people were ordered to leave France in the second quarter of 2022, representing 35 percent of the total repatriation orders placed during this time, and consequently, the highest number of returns recorded.

According to the European Office for Statistics, Eurostat, after France, Greece is the second country that reported the largest number of third-country nationals ordered to leave, with 8,750 cases, followed closely by Germany (8,275), Italy (6,020) and Austria (5,385), reports.

In the second quarter, which includes April, May and June, France reported that 3,590 returned to their country of origin or another EU Member State, representing 16 percent of the total reports for this time, followed by Germany (2,765; 12 percent), Sweden (2,380; ten percent), Greece (1,770; eight percent) and Austria (1,635; seven percent).

The country experiencing the highest increase for three months was Italy, being up by 1000 percent compared to the previous quarter – from 60 returns to 660.

As per main nationalities, Albanians (2,650) represent the highest number of non-EU citizens who returned to another country in the second quarter of 2022, followed by Georgians (2,030), Russians (1,165), Turks (1,055), Ukrainians (840), Serbians (800), Moroccans (790), Algerians (745), Moldovans (700) and Iraqis (660).

During the second quarter, 23,110 immigrants were returned to another country, including the EU Member States, after being ordered to leave, which is up by 16 percent compared to the previous quarter – taking the total number of non-EU citizens ordered to leave to 96,550 in a three-month period.

Compared to data from 2021, the number of nationals from third countries who were ordered to leave the EU increased by 15 percent, while the number of people who returned to another country was up by 11 percent.

Italy recorded the highest increase in the number of people ordered to leave, up by 2215 percent compared to the previous quarter, jumping from 260 to 6,020 in three months alone. The figure for Croatia also almost doubled for the same period, surging from 2,675 to 4,830.

As per the country of origin of people ordered to leave, Algeria leads the list, with 8,170 people, representing 8.5 percent of the total people in this category. Morocco is listed second with 7,235 cases, followed by Albania (6,640) and Pakistan (6,260), Tunisia (5,630), Bangladesh (3,990), Georgia (3,690), Türkiye (3 425), India (3,135) and Iraq (2,940).

Additionally, 320 unaccompanied minors from third countries were ordered to leave the EU Member States, and another 40 returned to another EU country or their country of origin.


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