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Anastasiades asks EC President for greater support

With Cyprus' tourism and services sectors hit, its disproportionate migratory pressures, and Turkey's provocations, Anastasiades requested increased EU support


In a phone conversation on Sunday evening, Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades asked European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for greater support in dealing with the multifaceted problems faced by the island.

In a written statement issued on Sunday, Government Spokesperson Kyriacos Koushos said they discussed the EU’s multiannual financial framework, with Anastasiades commenting that the Commission’s proposal is a good basis for discussion and outlined the Republic of Cyprus’ positions and requests in depth.

Koushios noted that Anastasiades referred to Cyprus’ particularities due to its geographic position and the connectivity problems it faces as an island state, as well as of the disproportionate migratory pressures it is faced with, asking the Commission to help the country deal with all these different challenges.

The President of the Republic of Cyprus told von der Leyen that “the Cypriot economy, which is based on the tourism and service sectors, has been significantly hit, pointing out the need for further support from the EU,” Koushos added.

Anastasiades assured the President of the EC that Cyprus will constructively contribute to efforts to reach a final agreement, recognizing the importance of reaching an agreement in time, he said.

On her part, the written statement continues, von der Leyen thanked President Anastasiades for Cyprus’ constructive position and congratulated him over the way the country dealt with the pandemic and handled the current situation.

Additionally, Anastasiades briefed the European Commission President over recent developments in the Eastern Mediterranean region and continued Turkish violations within the Republic of Cyprus’ maritime zones, the Government Spokesperson noted.

He showed, Koushos continued, “Turkey’s destabilizing role on the Eastern Mediterranean, the illegal actions who place in danger the wider region’s security and stability and stressed the need for the EU to take more decisive measures so that the unacceptable Turkish goals can be deterred and for more pressure to be placed on Ankara, both to end its illegal drillings and to prevent any incidents which would undermine stability and security in the region.”

President Anastasiades also informed von der Leyen of the bilateral contacts he has had with EU member state leaders and European Institution leaders, adding that an understanding was reached as to the condemnation of Turkey’s illegal actions and the need for coordination and determination as the next steps forward, he said.

They also agreed to remain in contact regarding all current developments, the written statement concludes.


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