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Another educator accused of sexual abuse

Nicosia police investigate complaint by high school student against female teacher


Cyprus police are investigating another sexual abuse complaint within the state’s education system, following a complaint filed by a high school student in Nicosia against a teacher.

According to local media, a high school student has accused a female teacher of sexual abuse, with the alleged incident taking place last week.

Police spokesperson Christos Andreou said the case was being handled by a special unit, saying a fully-fledged investigation was underway.

No arrest has been made in the case, Andreou said.

The allegations made headlines days after a male teacher in Larnaca was arrested on sexual harassment charges, with reports saying he had been accused of similar offenses in the past

The allegations made headlines days after another case emerged in Larnaca last week, where a male teacher was arrested on sexual harassment charges. He has been remanded in custody for 8 days and is now facing a possible 3-month suspension based on the outcome of a police investigation.

Local media said a female student at a junior high school in Larnaca accused the suspect of sexually harassing her during class.

Additional reports said the male teacher had been accused of similar offenses in the past. He was also convicted by a lower court in one case but was later acquitted after a successful appeal through the court system, according to local media.

Daily Philenews reported that the male suspect had served 12 months in prison before winning his appeal, when his lawyers argued three of the four accusers had withdrawn their complaints.

There are about ten cases relating to sexual offenses currently under investigation within the state education system.

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