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Approximately 490 violations as of 11am Monday morning

Street cameras record traffic violations

Shemaine Bushnell Kyriakides

As of 11am Monday morning, about 490 violations were recorded by mobile and street cameras around Cyprus, according to Assistant Director of the Traffic Department of the Police Headquarters, Haris Evripidou.

The system, which was put into operation for the first time today, detected and recorded specifically 286 traffic violations by fixed cameras and 209 traffic violations by mobile cameras.

90 fixed cameras in 30 locations around Cyprus, as well as 20 mobile units in various locations, will be used to record traffic violators and impose fines in order to reduce traffic collissions on the road.

Only warning letters will be sent to violators until the end of the year, however, beginning January 2022, fines will be strictly imposed.  Offenders will receive a notice via registered mail with a specific code, with which they will have access to a photo showing the violation committed.  They will have up to 30 or 45 days to pay the fine, depending on the violation.

Fixed cameras have already been installed at the intersection of Griva Digeni and Demosthenes Severis in Nicosia.  More cameras are scheduled to be installed gradually, culminating in the provision of mobile units by 2023.


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