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Consumer Association calls on Consumer Protection Service to assume responsibilities

Goal should be the protection of consumer's financial interests

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The Cyprus Consumer's Association calls on the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry "to assume its responsibilities and realize that its role and purpose is to effectively protect the financial interests of consumers and not any other interests".

In a statement, the Cyprus Consumers 'Association said "unfortunately, the Consumer Protection Service, which is the competent authority for the protection of consumers' financial interests, does not seem to serve the purpose for which it was created".

The statment added that "there are strong indications that the interests of the Consumer Protection Service takes precedence over any other interests".

The Cyprus Consumers' Association accuses the Consumer Protection Service that "it submitted a bill to Parliament and succeeded in passing a law, despite strong reactions from the Consumers' Association, which gave the Director the power to suspend any action against him and we call on him to stop violating the law ".

The bill, according to the statement, gives the Director "the power to impose millions of fines, without a mechanism to control his decision in cases where he imposes a gratuitous fine".

The Cyprus Consumers' Association also claims that the Consumer Protection Service is purposely delaying the investigation of serious and other written complaints of the Association, which should have been completed in two or three months at the latest.

For more information and questions about the Cyprus Consumer Protection Service click here.


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