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Law for provision of vouchers for cancelled flights illegal, Consumers Association says

The Association said consumers are entitled to a full cash refund, stressing the law violates EU Directives


The Cyprus Consumers Association said Thursday that the new law passed by the Cyprus government for the provision of vouchers as reimbursement for flights cancelled amid the coronavirus outbreak is illegal, as consumers are entitled to a full cash refund.

The CCA said it would be taking all necessary measures, including taking up the matter with relevant EU bodies, to fight the new law, which it says is in violation of EU Directives and strips consumers of their legal rights.

The Association pondered how such a law count have received the green light from the Government, the Legal Service, and Parliament, since that its provisions may not have any legal standing in the event of a lawsuit.

In addition to referring the case to EU bodies, the CCA said it will make further moves in an effort to get the law amended, or even withdrew so that it can be re-built from scratch.

The law in question was approved by Parliament on May 22. Submitted by the Finance Ministry, the law requires travel agents to provide vouchers, backed by state guarantees, to consumers who were unable to enjoy the product purchased as a result of cancellations brought about by the outbreak of coronavirus and lockdown measures.

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