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Are European cruise amenities overrated?

Questioning the suitability of cruise travel for every explorer

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The beauty of European cruises has been so inviting for thousands of tourists every year, promising an unforgettable experience of traveling around the continent, which is so diverse and breathtaking.

However, people often find themselves weighing whether they should go on a land trip, flying to one or several destinations for a certain period or just board a cruise ship and visit ports while moving through the sea. has gathered the opinions of many travelers that have been on cruise ships and compiled a brief analysis for those that want to go on a cruise adventure.

So, is it worth it to go on a cruise ship journey?

Absolutely! Traveling by boat around the continent offers some of the most scenic itineraries and often allows travelers to visit several destinations without having to change their accommodations or even transport. Visiting popular destinations becomes more convenient and so much more enjoyable. Some of the most common places to visit while traveling on a cruise can be iconic rivers in Europe such as the Rhine, Seine, and the Danube, in addition to coastal routes that offer views of charming towns, breathtaking landscapes, and historic cities.

On a positive note, cruises provide an excellent opportunity to explore different European destinations, while allowing travelers to maximize their vacation time and also get to experience traveling without the stress of their accommodation as their cruise ship awaits them after exploring the destination away.

Speaking of the conveniences, it goes without saying that onboard amenities for passengers are one of the best parts of cruising. Gourmet dining, spas, fitness centers, entertainment, as well as theatres, and many other leisure activities, are at guests’ disposal at all times.

However, each traveler’s experience, time constraints as well as budget dictate one’s worthiness of a European cruise.

A Reddit user advises those that are planning to go on a trip to not just go for a cruise and try out other alternatives before deciding on their traveling plans.

“First I would fully say do NOT just go for the cruise. If you plan on doing this, fly into Ireland a few days early, take the cruise, and go somewhere else for a few days afterward. Make the most of that flight cost,” the user says.

Another one highlights that a budget for food is necessary as people can grow tired of alternatives offered on the cruise and this enables them to have a better experience.

In general, taking a cruise is a great way to visit many places very conveniently while those that really want to explore the continent and can’t be held down, should perhaps seek other options. Also, those that get seasick are highly recommended to seek other options as cruising can have a grip on their health.

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