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Austria days away from lockdown of unvaccinated

Nearly 12,000 COVID cases in the last 24 hours

Source: BBC

Austrians are days away from a first lockdown for anyone not fully vaccinated after record infections were reported across the country.

Upper Austria province will impose restrictions from Monday if it gets the go-ahead from the federal government. Salzburg also plans new measures.

Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said a national lockdown for the unvaccinated was "probably inevitable".

"Two-thirds of people should not suffer because others were hesitant", he said.

Upper Austria, which borders Germany and the Czech Republic and has a population of 1.5 million, has the country's highest level of infection and the lowest vaccination rate.

Nationally, a record 11,975 Covid-19 infections were recorded in the past 24 hours and Austria's coronavirus commission has warned of a threat that "must be taken seriously".

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