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Battery charger for car toy withdrawn from the market

Consumers are being told to discontinue using a product called Shortcut


Authorities are warning the public that a battery charger under the name brand “Shortcut” is not suitable for European consumers and are urging consumers to discontinue any use immediately.

The Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services says the battery charger, which is made in China, is used to charge the battery of the Super Power Model Car (Model Number 869-6) and does not have the required declaration of compliance.

The importer of the Shortcut, J. Sardalos & Sons Ltd, has voluntarily withdrawn the product but it is not clear whether a recall has been issued. The product is being distributed by CXC Toys & Babies.

The EMS department says consumers should not use the product and they should take back to the store.

No known issues have been reported for the battery charger but European regulations state that all products sold within the EU must have a proper certificate.

If there are any issues or questions, consumers are asked to contact EMS at or call one of the following numbers: 22.800.514 and 22.800.522.

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