07 December, 2019
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New probe in woman’s death after state medics refused transport

Despite health minister clearing Paphos medics, attorney general insists on proper investigation


The attorney general has ordered a probe into the Paphos ambulance incident last week, in connection with state medics who reportedly refused to transport a patient who later died of liver failure.

The victim, a Ukrainian 33-year-old woman living in Cyprus permanently, died on Sunday April 29, hours after she was found unconscious by an apartment complex manager in Paphos. The man, who appeared to be an acquaintance, said he called the ambulance when he saw his friend on the ground.

But when the ambulance arrived around 3pm outside the apartment complex, state medics refused to take the woman, citing a foul smell and dirt on her trousers. She was taken to the Emergency Room of the Paphos General Hospital hours later, after police intervened.

When the ambulance arrived outside the apartment complex, state medics refused to take the woman, citing a foul smell and dirt on her trousers

A departmental investigation was ordered by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou, who said he didn’t suspect any wrongdoing. Earlier, he had ordered a probe into the circumstances of the woman’s death and a preliminary report delivered in one day was deemed "insufficient" with the minister saying there were some points that were unclear.

A second report on his desk prompted the minister to say the woman died at the state hospital after having multiple cardiac events, with doctors trying over two hours to keep her alive. The finding essentially cleared state medics of any wrongdoing.

But Atorney General Costas Clerides insists there has to be a proper investigation, and this could potentially turn into a criminal probe.

The woman reportedly died of liver failure around 6pm in the Emergency Room, some three hours after the first 112 call was made.



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