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Biden stresses Israel's dual ''right'' and ''responsibility'' in war

Two-state solution on horizon as Biden addresses Israel-Hamas conflict


In a press conference during the visit of Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to the White House, President Joe Biden emphasized that Israel holds not only the 'right' but also the 'responsibility' to defend itself.

He underscored the importance of safeguarding both its citizens and civilians in Gaza who have become victims of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

'The nation of Israel must do everything in its power, no matter how challenging, to protect innocent civilians,' President Biden stated.

He also called for preparations in the region for the eventual end of the Israel-Hamas conflict and what comes next. President Biden reiterated his support for a 'two-state solution' once the current conflict subsides.

Furthermore, President Biden expressed concern over 'settler extremists' in the West Bank, condemning their attacks on Palestinians and urging an immediate halt to these actions.

He noted, 'I continue to be concerned about settler extremists who are attacking Palestinians in the West Bank, actions that further inflame tensions and must cease immediately.'

President Biden clarified that he does not trust Hamas's casualty count regarding the October 17th explosion at Al-Ahli Al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza. While Palestinian officials claimed 471 casualties, U.S. intelligence estimates put the number of fatalities between 100 and 300.

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