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19 June, 2024
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Cloudy skies and cool breezes take over

Chilly nights and cloudy delights


A mashup of weather vibes – expect partly cloudy skies with intermittent drama from dense clouds.

Mountains might get a surprise visit from winter with potential snowfall. Winds are doing their thing, starting strong and gradually easing by late afternoon.

Hold onto your hats, especially in the choppy sea areas of the west and north.

Temperature Check:
Inland's hitting around 16 degrees, while coastal areas are keeping it cozy at 18. Higher mountains?

Brace for a chilly 3 degrees with frost alert on those peaks.

Tonight's Scene:
The west side is where the action is with partly cloudy skies, while the rest of the island keeps it mostly clear.

Mountains might get a light dusting of snow, adding a touch of magic.

Winds are playing the field, shifting from west to northwest, and the sea is joining the chill party.

Temperature Drop:
Inland's cooling to around 3 degrees. South and east coast are hitting about 8 degrees.

West and north coast, you're looking at around 9 degrees. Higher mountains? Below freezing—frosty vibes, anyone?

Peek into the Next Three Days:
Expect a cloud party with intermittent appearances.

Wednesday and Thursday might bring some surprise showers, especially in the west and mountains.

Temps are on the rise—Thursday's looking to break the average climatic coolness. Stay tuned for the weather scoop!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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