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Cold spell lowers snow line in Cyprus

Snow lovers in Cyprus wake up to white landscape outside foothill areas


Images and videos of snow in Cyprus emerged Wednesday morning as a cold front sweeping across the island brought snow not only high up in the mountains but also outside foothill boundaries below the typical snow line.

According to local media in the south, snow was seen in areas with lower elevations than normal, including Panayia in Paphos district.

Other videos posted on Facebook early Wednesday morning showed Lofou, in Limassol district, also getting snow, along with Palichori in Nicosia district, and many other areas.

Photos and videos showed areas with snow also in the north, where people posted messages online warning drivers of unusual conditions.

A cold spell from the west has been affecting Cyprus this week, bringing a sudden drop in temperature and causing blackouts in some areas.

In Greece, photos of the Parthenon in Athens showed the ancient monument covered in snow, the heaviest snowfall in the Greek capital since 2008.

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