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CT scan offers clue in Israeli girl’s Jet Ski death

Examiners file report based on X-Ray after court blocked post mortem out of respect of Jewish customs


The tragic death of a Jewish child in a horrible Jet Ski accident in Cyprus continues to be investigated, with a CT scan providing clues to authorities after a post mortem was blocked out of respect to religious customs.

Cypriot state forensic examiners Angeliki Papetta and Orthodoxos Orthodoxou filed a report on Tuesday on the death of a 6-year-old Israeli girl, following a tragic accident involving two Jet Skis driven by her parents.

Based on a series of X-Ray images, the forensic examiners said the girl had suffered a severe head injury caused by a water sport accident.

Police sources cited in media reports said the little girl was sitting in front of her dad when another Jet Ski hit them from behind after he made a sudden stop

Initial plans for a postmortem exam were blocked by a court order after the parents, an Israeli couple said to be of Ukrainian origins, told a judge that Jewish law forbids the despoliation of a body, with the court ordering computerized tomography to take place instead.

The incident took place off the coast of Limassol on Saturday late afternoon when the couple and their children were guests on a yacht where they borrowed two Jet Skis for a ride, with the girl joining her dad while the second watercraft was driven by the mother.

Details of the accident were not immediately clear, with initial reports saying the two Jet Skis collided while other reports later clarified the girl had fallen in the water and was then hit by a second high-speed watercraft.

Neither scenario nor a combination of the two scenarios have been ruled out, while SBA Police are said to be investigating the incident which took place under British Base jurisdiction at Lady’s Mile beach.

But according to Philenews, police sources said the little girl was sitting in front of her dad when another Jet Ski hit them from behind after he made a sudden stop.

Local report said the parents were severely shocked by the incident and could not assist in the initial steps of the investigation.

Israeli media said a consul official from that country has been in contact with the girl’s family.

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