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Cyprus between back-to-back cold fronts

Island continues to freeze, short break on the way before next cold front hits Sunday


A cold front currently affecting Cyprus won’t start going away until Friday, but the island will be hit again with another cooler air mass before the weekend is out.

Thursday skies will be mostly clear with scattered cloud activity at times, with temperature highs reaching 12 degrees Celsius inland, around 14 in coastal areas, and zero (0) high up in the mountains where frost conditions remain.

After a night of record low temperatures, Thursday night will remain cold with evening lows dropping to 2 degrees inland, 4 in the south and east, 6 in all other coastal areas, while it will be five below zero (-5) higher up where frost will form overnight.

Friday temperatures will rise mainly in the interior with skies will partly cloudy and chances of rain expected mainly in the mountains and foothill areas, while showers and thunderstorms are also expected in the evening in the western half of the island as well as snowfall in the mountains and foothills.

Showers and thunderstorms are also expected over the weekend, with Saturday stormy skies hitting the south and west and daytime rain expected on Sunday, when cooler temperatures come back with a more noticeable drop in the evening.

The last measurement of the Troodos Square snow gauge showed 16.5 inches as recorded Thursday morning at 5am.

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