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Cyprus extra cautious over cyclone from west

Yellow warning for showers, thunderstorms, possible hail through afternoon but later conditions improve


Weather officials in Cyprus have issued a yellow warning for daytime Sunday due to heavy thunderstorms affecting parts of the island, as cyclone activity west of the island is moving southeast.

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Cypriot officials are warning of prolonged and intense thunderstorms on Sunday that could include hailstorms as a low barometric pressure out west is gradually moving in the island's direction.

But a cyclone that affected the Greek island of Crete, where at least two persons died on Saturday, was not expected to reach Cyprus, where the state’s chief meteorologist Kleanthis Nicolaides said conditions would be less intense.

The state’s chief meteorologist says conditions will be less intense in the afternoon while the warnings are simply meant to inform the public of 'certain dangers' due to poor weather

According to Nicolaides, a yellow warning that went into effect early morning Sunday at 3am would expire in the afternoon at 4pm but he did not rule out another warning later in the day.

The meteorology chief said prolonged and intense thunderstorms in Cyprus were still very much in the forecast through morning and afternoon, adding that the warnings were simply meant to inform the public of “certain dangers” due to poor weather.

“We have issued a weather warning at the yellow level for thunderstorms and hail,” Nicolaides said.

Cloudy skies on Sunday morning and beyond midday may include isolated showers in local areas as well as thunderstorms at times, with the yellow warning citing hail expected in areas during heavy and prolonged conditions with 35 to 50 millimeters of precipitation in a given hour.

Strong winds are also expected in the daytime but afternoon skies will gradually improve.

Temperature highs will reach 27 degrees Celsius inland and in coastal areas, while it will be 19 high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will remain partly cloudy with chances of isolated showers mainly in the mountains, in the south and out west. Temperature lows will drop to 16 degrees inland, 18 in coastal regions, while it will be 9 higher up. 

Showers and thunderstorms will continue on Monday during periods of mostly cloudy weather.

Partly cloudy skies will dominate Tuesday and Wednesday with chances of wet and stormy conditions persisting mainly through mountains, parts of the interior, and possibly south and out west.

Temperatures are expected to rise slightly on Tuesday when levels would reach normal averages for this time of the year.

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