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Cyprus not at risk over Syria operations

Government spokesman says country not taking part in any plans


Cyprus has nothing to fear from possible military strikes against Syria, according to the government spokesman who also said Nicosia is “in no way involved with the operations.”

Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said it was reasonable to have a public discussion on the Syria issue but also clarified in response to a question that Nicosia had not been asked by allies to make any contribution to any operation.

“It is normal to have a discussion about everything that is going on in our region. It has to be clear that Cyprus is outside the area of any (military) operations,” Prodromou said.

There is nothing in the works on the part of Nicosia and “there is no security risk for Cyprus”

The government spokesman also said there was nothing in the works on the part of Nicosia, adding that “there is no security risk for Cyprus.”

Asked about the likelihood that the British would use the RAF Akrotiri base as a launching ground against Damascus, Prodromou dismissed the question by saying “bases are just bases.”

“The Republic of Cyprus is taking no part and is not consulting with other powers on any military operations that could be planned,” the spokesman said.

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