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Cyprus thrilled over Metsola speakership

Cypriot politicians and MEP’s rejoice as 'friend of Cyprus' becomes madam speaker of European Parliament


President Nicos Anastasiades described Roberta Metsola’s references to Cyprus as “inspiring” during her speech as she took the reins of the European Parliament, with the MEP from Malta also enjoying strong support from other Cypriots.

During her inaugural speech, after becoming the youngest MEP to be elected president of the European Parliament, Metsola made references to the division of Cyprus followed by a warning to outsiders who “seek to destroy Europe.”

“To those who try to blackmail Europe through hybrid attacks, this Parliament will not weaken solidarity among members,” Metsola said, telling her audience that “dictators will never divide us.”

The head of the European Parliament Office in Cyprus spoke on state radio Wednesday morning, saying Metsola also maintained excellent relations with Cypriot MEP’s

“Inspired maiden speech,” wrote Anastasiades on Twitter, along with pasting Metsola’s comments verbatim where she alluded to UN current efforts to reunite divided Cyprus.

Metsola, whose paternal side of the family hails from Greece's Corfu, also celebrated her birthday on Tuesday.

The Republic’s commander in chief also wrote “best wishes” in Maltese.

“Best wishes for your success as you are taking up the responsibilities and challenges of your high office. I look forward to working with you dear Roberta. Awguri!” Anastasiades wrote.

The young conservative also has strong support from elsewhere in Cyprus.

Cypriot official, head of the European Parliament Office in Cyprus Andreas Kettis, spoke on state radio Wednesday morning, saying Metsola maintained excellent relations with Cypriot MEP’s.

House Speaker Annita Demetriou, who rose through Cyprus’ parliament structure last year to become the first woman ever to preside over the assembly, also congratulated her Maltese colleague.

“A very worthy politician and a friend of Cyprus at the helm of Europe,” Demetriou wrote on Twitter.


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