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Cyprus to remove speed bumps, introduce cameras for safer roads

Ministry of Transport plans ambitious road safety transformation


The Ministry of Transport in Cyprus is planning to remove speed bumps from roads, except for those located near schools. Minister Alexis Vafeades confirmed this intention, as reported by the website "Offsite News." The plan, set to begin in 2024, aims to remove all 2,500 speed bumps placed across the Republic of Cyprus in the late 1990s.

Vafeades explained that these speed bumps would be replaced with photo cameras as an initial step. Unlike the existing cameras operated by private companies, these will be managed in cooperation with municipalities and communities. Additionally, measures to control vehicle speed will be implemented.

The minister clarified that the speed bumps, or speed reduction measures, will only remain outside schools for safety reasons. They will also be enhanced with a light marking system to ensure limited speeds throughout the day due to the presence of children.

The removal of the speed bumps will be a gradual process starting in 2024, depending on budget availability. This project will involve collaboration with municipalities and communities, as many of the speed bumps are located on roads under their jurisdiction. The Ministry of Transport plans to allocate €100,000 in the 2024 budget to initiate the installation of cameras.

In the Republic of Cyprus, speed bumps are primarily placed in residential areas or high-traffic zones to address speeding issues. The decision to remove these traffic control measures is made by the Central Traffic Problem Solving Committee, comprised of professional urban planners and traffic engineers. They evaluate road conditions and propose solutions to the Department of Public Works, considering factors like road curvature, pedestrian activity, proximity to residential areas, and driver speeds.

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