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Pame Express attracts 563 daily riders

New bus service unveils sensational traffic solution


Every day, the "Pame Express" service, launched on September 7th, witnesses a growing number of passengers. As reported on ANT1's "In Broad Daylight" broadcast, Andreas Nikiforou, the head of the Public Passenger Transport Directorate, revealed that yesterday, a total of 563 people utilized the "Pame Express."

Furthermore, as of 7:40 this morning, 256 passengers had already boarded. The majority of commuters using this service are bound for work, primarily along Limassol Avenue and Makarios. Additionally, many disembark near the Ministry of Finance and at the Solomos Square terminus.

In response to concerns raised regarding traffic lights during the "Good Evening" program, Mr. Nikiforou clarified that adjustments have been made, and in the near future, sensors will be installed to prioritize buses.

When questioned about the renaming of the service from "Park & Ride" to "Pame Express," he explained that this decision was taken by the company to enhance their advertising campaign. "We believe it signifies an express route, hence 'Pame Express'."

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