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Debate heats up over overtime pay for government rep

Legal procedure or misstep? Overtime saga unfolds


Deputy Minister Irene Piki, in response to the President's request to grant overtime pay to Deputy Government Representative Doxa Komodromou, stated that the matter would be discussed with the President of the Republic. During an interview with SPOR FM and the diaspora news show, she acknowledged that seeking overtime for this official was a misguided political decision.

However, she emphasized the need to resolve this issue promptly and not prolong the debate over a withdrawn request by the President. Ms. Piki also stressed that targeting individuals in this matter was inappropriate.

Regarding the question of whether Ms. Komodromou should retain her position at the University of Cyprus while being seconded to the presidential office, Ms. Piki clarified that this arrangement was in line with the agreed procedure with the Auditor General. This procedure involved Ms. Komodromou being seconded to the presidential office while remaining on the University of Cyprus payroll scale, in accordance with legal guidelines.

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