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Sales from the occupied area to the Republic of Cyprus skyrocket

Record-breaking rise in trade revealed, shaping regional dynamics


Data, released by the Turkish Cypriot newspaper "Kibris" and sourced from the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, reveals a remarkable surge in sales of products from the occupied territories to the Republic of Cyprus in 2022.

These products include prefabricated containers, building materials, wooden furniture, plastic products, fresh fish, mattresses, paper and cardboard items, curtains, interior blinds, stainless steel countertops, and industrial kitchen appliances.

The newspaper even reports a staggering 141% increase in sales under the Green Line Regulation in 2022. According to the data, sales, which amounted to €6,123,707.03 in 2021, soared to €14,765,462 in 2022, reflecting an €8,641,755.56 increase.

Top-Selling Products

Among the top-selling items, prefabricated containers took the lead, generating revenues of €3,863,182.15 and holding a 26% share among the top 10 products sold in the Republic of Cyprus under the Green Line Regulation. Building materials followed closely, with sales totaling €3,586,450.28, comprising a 24% share among the top 10 products sold.

Wooden furniture claimed a 21% share among the top-selling products, achieving sales of €3,085,379.98. Plastic products, with a 12% share among the best-sellers in the Republic of Cyprus, ranked 4th among the best-selling products last year, with sales totaling €1,780,738.54.

Sales of fresh fish amounted to €815,628.45, contributing a 6% share to the top 10 list in 2022. Last year, the top 5 products with the highest sales accounted for 89%, totaling €13,131,379.40.

Three New Products Added to the List

According to Chamber data, three new products made their way onto the list compared to the previous year: cartons, stainless steel industrial worktops and kitchen appliances, and electrical panels.

Sales from stainless steel industrial worktops and kitchen appliances reached €43,597.32, carton sales amounted to €48,727.10, and electrical panels contributed €22,637.

The combined receipts from the sales of these three new products in 2022 totaled €114,961.42.

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