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Defence attorney in Strovolos murders raises legal questions

Fourth suspect in Strovolos double murder lawyers up as he is re-emanded in custody


The fourth suspect in the Strovolos double murder was re-remanded in custody Monday, with his lawyer raising questions in court over the way police investigators got statements out of his client.

The 22-year-old suspect, who admitted to police he had come to the residence through the kitchen door and saw the murdered couple in a pool of blood in the upstairs bedroom, appeared in Nicosia District Court with two attorneys.

He was arrested last week in connection with the murders of 60-year-old Yiorgos Hadjigeorgiou and his 59-year-old wife Dina Sergiou, who were found savagely stabbed to death in the bedroom of their own home

The defence attorney did not object to his client being re-remanded in custody for another eight days, but raised questions whether police investigators gave legal advice to her client as to how he ought to cooperate.

The attorney raised questions whether police investigators gave legal advice to her client as to how he ought to cooperate

Police prosecutor Koumettos Koumettou said he did not know if the suspect was given such advice but submitted to the court that the 22-year-old changed his tune after he got legal representation.

“What I know is that before hiring an attorney he was cooperative and then he stopped cooperating,” Koumettou said. 

The defence attorney appeared not satisfied with his response and asked again.

“Is it or is it not true that he responded to all the questions by police?” the lawyer asked.

“Answering doesn’t mean cooperating,” Koumettou said.

Police had found a pair of shoes in the suspect’s residence, saying he was wearing those shows the night of the murders. The suspect admitted that it was possible he had been wearing those shoes that night.

He also said he threw away his clothes at the Ayios Demetrios park in Strovolos. Reports saiid nothing had been found in the garbage bins.

The other suspects in custody are the 33-year-old main suspect, his 21-year-old girlfriend and his 23-year-old brother, who also remain in custody.

Police are building the case against the main suspect, relying on incriminating statements against him made by the other three in custody, outside tips, as well as evidence from the crime scene.

But no evidence has linked the suspect directly to the murders.

Some crucial gaps still exist in the story but investigators believe DNA samples and phone records will soon help crack the case wide open and get more conclusive evidence as to the identity of the killer. Two objects with confirmed DNA belonging to the 33-year-old were found at the scene, although they have not yet been linked to the murders.

The suspect also admitted that a pair of shoes without laces, which was found outside the house, did in fact belong to him but maintained he was being framed.

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