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Disturbing video shows assault on food delivery driver

Unreported racist attack in Limassol exposes alarming trend

A video capturing a man's assault on a food delivery driver and his subsequent theft of the driver's plates is currently circulating online.

The incident took place in Limassol, where a motorcyclist approached the food delivery driver, who had parked his motorbike on the side of the road, and forcibly seized the plates.

According to the police, no official report has been filed regarding the incident thus far. However, the authorities have initiated an investigation on their own accord.

The original post:
Another racist attack against a delivery driver yesterday in Limassol. A daily occurrence. The Greek Cypriot thug here scrapes off the plates from the delivery driver's motorbike and takes them with him. Because he can. Because the police, if they receive a complaint from a migrant, will arrest the migrant and deport him. The previous complainant is already counting the days until his deportation.

[Information sourced from 24news]

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