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Do consumers embrace e-kalathi shopping?

Key insights from IMR's survey


The Consumer Protection Department, in partnership with research firm IMR, recently conducted a telephone survey aimed at gauging general consumer sentiments and assessing awareness of the e-kalathi initiative.

This comprehensive survey, which took place from October 3rd to October 5th, 2023, involved telephone interviews with 800 respondents. The selection process ensured a representative sample through random stratified sampling.

An impressive 67% of those surveyed expressed confidence in the potential benefits of e-kalathi.

The survey findings shed light on consumers' primary considerations when choosing products at hypermarkets. Price emerged as the top factor, with 49% emphasizing its importance, followed by quality at 24%.

When selecting their preferred hypermarkets, respondents cited location (42%), product prices (25%), and product variety (15%) as key factors.

Remarkably, a significant 83% of consumers visit multiple hypermarkets monthly for their shopping needs. Notably, 40% of respondents indicated they regularly or frequently research product prices before making purchases at hypermarkets.

Regarding e-kalathi, 54% of respondents were aware of this initiative, which aims to introduce a new e-application. Impressively, 67% believed that e-kalathi would greatly or significantly benefit consumers.

Furthermore, 30% expressed their intent to always or frequently use the app if it were implemented, while 33% would use it occasionally.

The Consumer Protection Agency interprets these survey results as a reflection of consumers' desire to find the best-priced, high-quality products conveniently located in their preferred supermarkets.

They actively seek information on product prices through various means, including brochures, advertisements, online stores, and apps. For a more detailed look at the survey results, you can access the full report by clicking HERE.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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