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Driver dies after crash that went unnoticed

Larnaca young man on life support dies one day after car wreck that remained unseen for hours


A young man from Larnaca district died in hospital on Monday, a day after he was involved in a road accident when his car veered off the road and was not discovered until hours later.

Police said 23-year-old Paraskevas Hadjisofokli from Aradippou was driving his car Sunday early morning along Artemidos avenue, near Larnaca International Airport and Aliki Salt Lake, when he lost control of the steering wheel under circumstances still pending investigation.

The vehicle went over an embankment and slammed into a patch of dense reeds, but he was not spotted until hours later

Reports said the vehicle veered off the road around 5am and went over an embankment about eight feet high, slamming into a patch of dense reeds.

Hadjisofokli reportedly lay at the crash site for several hours, with local media saying the owner of a nearby business spotted the wreckage around 12 noon and notified authorities.

Fire firefighters managed to pull Hadjisofokli out of the wreckage, with an ambulance rushing the young man to the Emergency Room at Larnaca General Hospital where doctors said he had sustained multiple injuries. He was then hooked up to life support and transferred to Nicosia General where he died Monday evening.

Police have not shared details about the circumstances of the crash while an official report said CID Larnaca was investigating the incident.

Larnaca young man who was on life support dies one day after car crash that remained unseen for hours Sunday morning


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