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Election day quirks

Although no major issues were reported there were, however, some minor anomalies

The electoral process has continued without major issues, but there has been no shortage of quirks.

It was reported to the police that someone had photographed a ballot paper in front of them. According to K, this case was deemed appropriate to be referred to the Police for investigation. At 12 noon when the polls closed for the day, the Chief Electoral Officer confirmed the incident stating that "individual minor incidents have been observed which have been handled immediately by the presiding officers and the on-duty police officers where necessary".

A voter went to the Drimu polling station, left his cell phone outside, and had a second cell phone hidden on him. He was later seen photographing the ballot paper with a second phone he possessed.

"Some minor issues, but they have all been resolved at the same time," according to the Chief of Police. When asked about these minor issues, he stated, "They were, as I was informed, about someone who did not want to wear a mask, someone who claimed that the ballot box could be seen from outside and moved."


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