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Reports of shots fired at Greek Cypriots by the occupation army

The incident occurred in Potamia

On Sunday (5/2) afternoon, shots were fired at Greek Cypriots in the area of Potamia.

According to preliminary information, the incident occurred around 15:00 when the Turkish army opened fire on a vehicle carrying three Greek Cypriots.

The three Greek Cypriots had gone to collect cattle in the Potamia region near the Dead Zone. One of the three had a shoulder injury.

According to reports, the three Greek Cypriots entered the Dead Zone, which is not patrolled by the UN.

The Nicosia CID rushed to the scene to conduct investigations, and all three Greek Cypriots are expected to make a statement.

Ioannis Minas, the Potamia community leader, reportedly confirmed the shooting incident.

According to Mr. Minas, the Greek Cypriot who was shot by Turkish soldiers has a shoulder wound and his health is considered to be stable. 

With information from 24News

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