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20 May, 2024
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Embark on a journey of cloudy capers in this playful forecast

Here's a three-day extravaganza of weather whirls and temperature teases


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the grand spectacle of today's weather extravaganza! We've got a whimsical mix of clouds doing a cha-cha, with a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms staging a surprise performance – first in the west and north, and then spreading their magical mayhem elsewhere. Watch out for hail, the mischievous confetti of the skies, making a guest appearance in the stormy spotlight.

Our winds are putting on a light-to-moderate ballet, pirouetting from southwest to northwest at a charming 3 to 4 Beaufort. And don't forget about the sea, feeling a bit frisky and deciding to go for a mildly rough waltz.

As the day bids us adieu, expect a celestial soirée with clouds taking center stage, possibly showering the coasts with isolated raindrops or even a stormy serenade. The winds, now showcasing their northwest finesse, will be performing a gentle 3 to 4 Beaufort jig. The sea, dressed in a little rough attire, might add an extra flair of ripples in the west and north. Temperatures are set to curtsy down to 9 degrees inland, around 13 on the south and east coasts, approximately 12 on the west and north coasts, and a cool 6 degrees up in the lofty mountain peaks.

But fear not, fellow spectators, for the weather circus continues! Wednesday opens with a whimsical display of partly cloudy enchantment, gradually transforming into a sunlit fairy tale. Thursday brings a sprinkle of partly cloudy magic, and Friday, oh Friday, unveils a mostly cloudy spectacle, with the occasional isolated showers dancing across the western half of the island.

And for those who relish a rising temperature symphony, rejoice! Over the next three days, we'll be turning up the heat, creating a whimsical crescendo to tickle your meteorological fancy. So grab your popcorn and your weather wand, and enjoy the whimsy unfolding in the sky!

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