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EU Health Commissioner addresses breast cancer at University of Cambridge

Stella Kyriakides discusses European Cancer Plan and collaboration to tackle inequalities


European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Stella Kyriakides addressed attendees at the University of Cambridge today, responding to an invitation from the Lancet Breast Cancer Commission. Kyriakides' speech focused on breast cancer and its intersection with the European Cancer Plan.

"Our goals are common and are about better quality of care and equality for patients across Europe," Kyriakides remarked, commending the Lancet Breast Cancer Commission scientists for their latest findings.

Highlighting the comprehensive approach of the European Cancer Plan, Kyriakides emphasized, "The European Cancer Plan tackles cancer horizontally with the same ambition and importance, whether it is about prevention, early detection, treatment, or quality of life."

Addressing inequalities in cancer care, Kyriakides stressed the need for action, stating, "The inequalities are glaring and not addressing them is a missed opportunity, both for patients and for societies." She underscored the Lancet Breast Cancer Commission's role in addressing these disparities and emphasized the importance of collaboration.

"The collaboration we are now seeing for cancer in Europe is unprecedented," Kyriakidou asserted. "This collaboration needs to happen across the cancer pathway and it needs to put patients at the center. This is, after all, the essence of the European Health Union," she concluded.

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