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Toddler trapped in pool filter rescued

Boy's foot gets unstuck after Paphos rescuers break off cement next to swimming pool


A family in Paphos was alarmed when a toddler’s foot was stuck in a pool filter at a private swimming pool, with fire fighters rushing to the scene to save the day.

According to local media, a two-year-old boy was playing under adult supervision around his family home’s swimming pool Tuesday evening, when suddenly he fell down when his foot got stuck in a pool skimmer, causing alarm among members of his family.

Fire fighters, who were notified at 7:26pm and rushed to the scene, found the little boy stuck in the pool filter, with reports saying the limb became unstuck after rescuers used an impact drill to break off pieces of concrete around the skimmer.

'Neither the boy nor his foot were in the water at any time during the entire incident' Kettis told Knews

Fire Department spokesman Andreas Kettis told Knews the incident was not serious, while also clarifying the skimmer was an above-ground pool extractor.

“Neither the boy nor his foot were in the water during the entire incident, this took place on the side of the pool,” Kettis said.

The spokesman also said the child was never in any real danger, while other media outlets reported the boy was rushed to the Emergency Room at Paphos General Hospital where he was treated for friction due to a pressure injury.

Knews could not confirm whether the skimmer had a plastic cover that broke on impact or whether the filter was defective or left uncovered.

The toddler returned home later in the evening and was said to be in good health.

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