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Forestry warns public of near gale winds

Officials call on public to avoid activities in the afternoon that may cause fire citing high winds


The forestry department warned members of the public on Tuesday, the longest day of summer, to avoid activities that involve fire in the afternoon, fearing near gale winds that could make the work of fire fighters very difficult.

Weather officials said winds reaching up to 6 or 7 points on the Beaufort scale were expected on Tuesday afternoon, prompting forestry department officials to issue a fire prevention announcement.

A post on Facebook called on the public “to be particularly cautious and avoid actions and activities that may cause fires.”

“In case of a fire, the work of fire fighters will be extremely difficult,” the department said.

Weather officials did not issue a wind warning but said strong winds in the afternoon were expected at times to reach near gale along the southern coast. 

Clear weather is expected on Tuesday throughout most of the island with some cloud formations and low chances of light rain in the west later in the afternoon.

Temperature highs will reach 33 degrees Celsius inland, 30 in the north, east, and southeast, 28 in all other coastal regions, while it will be 24 high up in the mountains.

Evening skies will be mostly clear with temperature lows dropping down to 22 degrees inland, 23 in coastal areas, while it will be 18 higher up.

Overall temperatures will begin to rise midweek with levels reaching above normal averages by Friday.

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