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Four killed in brutal crash in the north

Brutal head on collision on rural highway leaves four Africans dead, two others injured, one seriously


Four people were killed and two others injured in a brutal collision in north Cyprus on a rural highway on Monday.

According to Turkish Cypriot media, a violent car accident involving two vehicles took place on a rural highway early Monday morning just before 4am.

Reports said two cars collided head on near an intersection in Arapköy/Klepini, south of Kyrenia, with four people being killed at the scene.

Two others were rushed to the Emergency Room at Burhan Nalbantoglu public hospital in north Nicosia, with local media saying one of them had sustained serious injuries.

The circumstances of the collision were not immediately clear while Turkish Cypriot authorities did not release any names.

But additional reports said the victims included people of African descent.

Media speculation suggested one of the drivers, described as an African male, lost control of the steering wheel and veered into the opposite lane, with the crash killing all four souls in his vehicle.

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