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From clear skies to stormy nights

Weather rollercoaster ahead


Get ready for a weather adventure! A weak low pressure is throwing its influence around, and brace yourself for a barometric low on Saturday.

Today kicks off with clear skies in various areas, but don't get too comfortable. Clouds are sneaking in, bringing isolated afternoon showers, especially in the west, mountains, and northeast. Winds will start as a gentle southwest breeze, picking up to a moderate gust from the southeast by early afternoon. The sea will sway between calm and a little rough, and temperatures will dance around 27 degrees inland, 26 on the southeastern coast, and 16 in the mountains.

As the day winds down, expect clouds to gather, teasing us with isolated showers, mainly in the west and north. Winds shift to a northwesterly to northeasterly direction, maintaining a light breeze. The sea, though a bit rough, won't be too rowdy. Temperatures take a dip to around 16 degrees inland, 18 on the southeastern coast, and a cooler 8 in the lofty mountains.

Fast forward to Friday, where we'll be treated to a mix of clouds and more clouds. Isolated showers might pop up in the highlands, but don't expect a major temperature shake-up.

But hold onto your hats for Saturday! Clear skies will make a fleeting appearance, giving way to increasing clouds, showers, isolated thunderstorms, and a gusty wind show in the afternoon and night. Temperature-wise, no major surprises are on the horizon.

Come Sunday, plan for localized showers and isolated thunderstorms. Temperatures are set to cozy up to climatic averages. So, buckle up, weather enthusiasts – it's going to be a wild ride!

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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