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From intermittent clouds to dust, what's in store for the week ahead?

Unpredictable skies: Showers, thunderstorms, and rising temperatures

Today's weather will be characterized by intermittent cloud cover, initially appearing in the western and northern regions and later extending to the mountains and interior areas. These clouds are expected to bring isolated showers or thunderstorms. Additionally, there will be a presence of thin dust in the atmosphere, which is forecasted to diminish by the evening. The prevailing winds will mainly blow from the southwest to the west, transitioning to the northwest in the late afternoon. They will be light to moderate, ranging between 3 and 4 Beaufort. However, there may be occasional stronger winds of 4 to 5 Beaufort along the southeastern coast. The sea conditions will be slightly rough. Temperature-wise, inland areas will reach around 28 degrees Celsius, while the southern and eastern coasts will experience temperatures around 27 degrees. On the western and northern coasts, temperatures will hover around 25 degrees, and in the higher mountainous regions, it will be cooler at around 18 degrees.

Tonight, we can expect an increase in low-lying clouds, accompanied by locally thin fog or mist formation. The winds will predominantly come from the northwest, with occasional variations and light intensity at 3 Beaufort. The sea conditions will become calm to slightly rough, except for the western coast, where it will remain slightly rough. As for temperatures, inland areas will cool down to around 15 degrees Celsius, while coastal regions will experience temperatures of approximately 18 degrees. In the higher mountains, temperatures will drop to around 8 degrees.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, we anticipate intermittent cloud coverage with localized showers and isolated thunderstorms developing after midday, primarily in the mountains and the eastern half of the island. On Wednesday, the weather will continue with intermittent cloud cover, and in the afternoon, isolated showers can be expected, with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the mountains. By Thursday, the weather will start off mostly clear, but as the day progresses, there will be intermittent increases in medium and high-level clouds. Dust particles will once again become suspended in the atmosphere, with concentrations gradually increasing.

Temperature-wise, there will be minimal change until Wednesday, with values remaining below the typical climatic averages. However, on Thursday, temperatures are projected to rise and approach the climatic averages.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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