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Fruit and vegetable markups reach 170% compared to producer rates

E-kofini shows consumers paying over 100% more at retail


According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture's e-kofini platform, retail prices of fruits and vegetables are considerably higher compared to prices set by producer organizations. In several cases, the same products are sold at retail points for more than double the price compared to what organized producers offer.

For instance, as of last Thursday's posted prices, producer organizations are selling bananas, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, zucchinis, cauliflower, cucumbers, and onions for less than half the price compared to retail outlets.

Local bananas are sold by producer organizations at an average price of €0.50 per kilogram, while retail prices soar to €1.35, marking a staggering 170% increase. Similarly, red peppers show a 147% price hike, with producer organizations selling them at €0.38 per kilogram, while retail prices reach €0.94.

Cherry tomatoes are sold at retail points at a 143% markup, with an average price of €4.75 per kilogram, compared to €1.95 offered by producer organizations. Green peppers see a 140% increase, reaching €2.16 per kilogram at retail, while organized producers sell them at €0.90.

Prices for zucchinis, cauliflower, cucumbers, and onions are more than double, with increases of 136%, 135%, 116%, and 109%, respectively.

Conversely, smaller increases are mainly observed in more expensive products. For example, the "louvi" fish, sold by organized producers at €6.07 per kilogram, is retailed for €7.70, representing a 27% increase. Palm tomatoes are retailed with a 36% increase, reaching €2.73 per kilogram, compared to €2.01 from organized producers.

Runner beans are sold by producers at €5, while retail prices reach €7.18, marking a 44% increase. Lastly, strawberries, sold by producers at €4.12 per kilogram, are retailed at an average price of €6.02, indicating a 46% increase.

The "e-kofini" price data is collected twice a week by officials from the Department of Agriculture to ensure timely and accurate recording of information.

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