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Germany eases entry rules for qualified young Indians

The agreement signed between the two countries aims to promote the mobility of students, trainees, and professionals.

Source: Schengen Visa Info

Nationals of India will soon be subject to less strict rules when reaching Germany for professional, study, and work purposes as the two countries have signed the German-Indian Migration Agreement.

The agreement signed between the two countries aims to promote the mobility of students, trainees, and professionals. In addition, the agreement also aims to combat irregular migration and fight human trafficking, reports.

The German-Indian Migration and Mobility Agreement, which is the first agreement in the area of migration concluded with an origin country, was signed on December 5 by the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, during a visit to India.

Commenting on the agreement, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser said that this is an important step as the country will be able to tackle the shortage of workers in different sectors by relaxing the migration rules for qualified young Indians who will be able to gain professional experience, study, receive training, and start working in Germany.

“The German-Indian migration and mobility agreement is a milestone for a deeper German-Indian partnership in migration. We are setting the course for qualified young Indians to gain professional and practical experience in Germany, to study, receive training, and start or work as skilled workers. This is another important step in attracting skilled workers that we urgently need in the German labor market,” according to Faeser's statement.

Moreover, Minister Faeser said that in line with the agreement, the country aims to facilitate the return of nationals that must leave Germany and highlighted that this would be done by providing clear procedures for the identification of nationals that are being sent back and for their repatriation.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior further explains that the migration and mobility partnership between Germany and India deals with aspects of legal migration as well as return cooperation. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the agreement aims to promote the fair mobility of specialists.

Now that the agreement has been signed, a joint working group will be set up for the implementation, and the new migration and mobility rules set out in the new agreement apply to citizens of both countries wishing to take up work in Germany and India.

Additionally, the rules also apply to students, trainees, specialists, journalists, and scientists of both countries.

Data show that around 200,000 nationals of India currently live in Germany. The majority of Indians living in Germany hold a regular residence permit. On the other hand, over 5,000 Indians are illegally staying in Germany, the Ministry of Interior explains.

The same source pointed out that almost 25,000 Indians are studying in Germany, making up the second-largest group of foreign students.

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