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Government to expand workforce in 2024

See the new key positions and spending projections revealed in the government budget for 2024

Panayiotis Rougalas

Panayiotis Rougalas

In the 2024 budget, authorities anticipate total general government revenue of €13.2 billion and expenditures of €11.8 billion, resulting in a fiscal surplus of €659 million, equal to 2.2% of GDP. Notably, the primary surplus, which excludes debt service expenditures, is projected at €1.09 billion. The budget allocates an additional €0.5 billion for government personnel expenditure in 2024, totaling €3.72 billion compared to €3.23 billion in 2023. This includes an increase in total salaries, amounting to €2.93 billion, up from €2.47 billion in 2023.

Revenue, excluding financial flows, is expected to surge to €9.89 billion, marking a 9.6% increase over the revised revenue of €9.02 billion in 2023. However, expenditure, excluding loan and investment repayments, is set to increase by a significant 17.7% year-on-year, reaching €10.58 billion in 2024, compared to €8.98 billion in 2023.

Within the extensive 1,300-page document of the 2024 Budget, several new positions are introduced, including 2 Senior Auditors (Scale A13), 2 Technical Audit Auditors (Scales A9, A11, and A12), 2 IT Officers A' (Scale A11), 3 Lieutenants (Scale A8), and an addition of 14 Sergeants (Scale A8). The budget also incorporates 4 new posts for Forestry Officers (Scales A5 2nd Grade, A7, and A8), 1 new position for Forestry Officer, 1st Grade (Scale A9), and introduces new roles for Senior Mining and Quarrying Engineers (Scale A13). Additionally, 5 new positions are created for Mining and Quarry Engineers (Scales A9, A11, and A12). The 2024 Budget rebrands the previously known Mining Officers (Scales A9, A11, and A12) as Mining and Quarry Engineers (Scales A9, A11, and A12).

Furthermore, the budget provisions for 2 new positions of Technical Engineers (Grades A5 2nd, A7, and A8). The posts previously referred to as Technicians (Grades A2, A5, and A7) have been renamed as Technical Engineers (Grades A5 2nd, A7, and A8).

In addition, the 2024 Budget designates 50 new positions for prison guards (Scales A2, A5, and A7), along with expectations of 11 new posts for police officers (Scales A5, A7, and A8) and probationary officers (A3). To address the abolition of three positions of Special Constable (A2, A5, and A7), three new posts have been created, and combined roles of Constable (A5, A7, and A8) and Cadet Constable (A3) have been established. Moreover, three new positions are introduced to meet the needs of the MOCAS Legal Service, offering the flexibility for police to potentially fill these roles with personnel from higher ranks.

And in the police department

In accordance with the 2024 Budget, a series of new government positions have been earmarked across various departments. The police force will see an addition of 3 new posts for Police Officers (Grade A12), Senior Lieutenants (Grade A10), Lieutenants (Grade A9), Sergeants (Grade A8), and Constables (Grade A5, 2nd step), in conjunction with specialized roles. This includes one new post for a Lieutenant (A10 grade) and one for a Sergeant (A9 grade).

Moreover, the budget outlines 2 new positions for Social Security Officers A' (Scale A11) and 2 new roles for Senior Labour Inspectors (Scale A13). A single new post is designated for the position of First Labour Inspector (Scale A14). Additionally, the budget introduces 2 new posts for First Technical Engineers (Scale A12), 3 new posts for Senior Technical Engineers (Scale A10), 5 new positions for Technical Engineers, Grade 1 (Scale A9), and 6 new roles for Technical Engineers (Scales A5, Grade 2, A7, and A8). This reallocation also entails the elimination of 6 Technician posts (Scales A2, A5, and A7).

In the realm of Land Surveying, the budget provides for the creation of 3 new posts for First Technical Engineers (Scale A12), replacing an equivalent number of posts for 1st Grade Land Surveyors (Scale A11). Additionally, 4 new positions are established, replacing other roles, for Technical Engineers (Scales A5 2nd, A7, and A8).

The 2024 Budget includes 2 new posts for Secretaries A or Consuls (Scale A12) and Secretaries B or Vice-Consuls (Scale A11). Moreover, there is a single new post designated for Ministers Plenipotentiaries (Scale A13), specifically for the Presidency of the Republic. Furthermore, the budget introduces 5 new positions for Attaches (Scales A8, A10, and A11).

New posts in the tax department

The implementation of the Budget has resulted in the introduction of several new positions within the Tax Department. Specifically, the restructuring has brought about the establishment of 7 new posts for Tax Officers (Scales A8, A10, and A11), alongside the discontinuation of 7 Internal Revenue Officer positions (Scales A8, A10, and A11).

Furthermore, this overhaul includes the creation of 17 new roles for A' Value Added Tax Officers (A11 scale) and 2 new positions for Statistical Officers (A8, A10, and A11 scales). Additionally, 2 new posts are introduced for Statistical Research Assistants (Scales A1, A2, and A5), replacing one Statistical Assistant 1st Class (Scales A8 and A9) and one Statistical Assistant (Scales A4 and A7).

In the realm of finance and accounting, 5 new positions are designated for First Supervisors of Accounts (A12 grade), and 50 new posts are established for Assistant Accounting Officers (A2, A5, and A7 grades).

In the field of engineering, 2 new posts are created for Electrical Engineers (Scales A9, A11, and A12), while the restructuring also encompasses 2 new positions for Electrophysicists (Scales A9, A11, and A12) and Medical Physicists, 1st Class (Scales A11 and A12). Additionally, 2 new posts are anticipated to open for Auditors in the Audit Service (Scales A11 and A12).

The changes also involve the introduction of a Public Administration and Personnel Officer (Scales A8, A10, and A11), replacing a post of Training Officer (Scales A8, A10, and A11). Another new post is designated for an OGA Secretarial Officer (Scales A8 and A9), and a new position will be established for a Senior Accounts Inspector of the Cyprus Dairy Industry Organisation (Scale A11). Additionally, a new post will be created for an OGA Accounting Officer A (Grade A11), and a new position will be established for an OGA Accounts Inspector (Grade A10). Lastly, one post is established for an Architect (Scales A9, A11, and A12), and two posts are created for the Department of Antiquities.

State secretary for European Affairs

In the latest developments within the 2024 Budget, various new government positions are set to be established. Among them is the role of Deputy Minister of State for European Affairs, which will come into effect following the enactment of the "The Deputy Minister of State for European Affairs (Temporary Provisions) Act, 2023." This appointment reflects the government's focus on European affairs and international relations.

Additionally, a new National Security Adviser position is on the horizon. It will be put into operation once the bill titled "The Law on the Establishment and Operation of the National Security Council, Law of 2024" is passed. The significance of this role underscores the government's commitment to bolstering national security and strategic planning.

The restructuring also includes the introduction of a single Judges post in Scale A16, reflecting the need for legal expertise within the government's judicial functions.

Furthermore, the 2024 Budget outlines the creation of multiple new positions in the field of electronic communications. Two positions for Senior Electronic Communications Officers in Scale A13 are designated, along with two positions for Electronic Communications Officers in Scales A8, A10, and A11. These appointments aim to enhance the government's capacity in managing electronic communications and technology-related matters.

A fresh addition to the government's workforce is the Veterinary Inspector role in Grades A2, A5, and A7. This position replaces the abolished role of Crew Officer 1st Class (Grades A8 and A9) and underscores the importance of animal health and welfare.

Additionally, a new post for an Industrial Applications Officer in Grades A9, A11, and A12 reflects the government's focus on industrial development and technology applications.

Lastly, the new position of First Officer for the Environment in Grade A14 highlights the government's commitment to environmental concerns and sustainable practices.

These changes within the 2024 Budget exemplify the government's efforts to adapt and evolve its workforce to address a range of critical areas, from international relations to security, judicial affairs, and technological advancements.

Insolvency officer

In the field of insolvency management, there have been notable developments within the workforce.

One noteworthy change involves the creation of a Senior Insolvency Officer at the A13 level. This addition coincides with the discontinuation of a post for a Senior Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property Officer at the A13 level within the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property Department.

Another significant development pertains to the establishment of an Insolvency Officer A, Grade A11. These adjustments reflect a strategic reallocation of human resources and expertise in the domain of insolvency management, indicating a potential shift in government priorities and operational needs.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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