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Greece experiencing significant staff shortages at hotels

Hoteliers looking to fill 55,000 positions this summer

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

Greek hotels are looking to fill 55,000 positions this summer, during what is expected to be a very busy season, according to hoteliers.

Data from the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE) showed that unfilled positions during the 2021 tourism season reached 53,249 out of a total of 244,124 positions officially registered by hotels.

This year, 22% or over one in five positions will remain unfilled.

In recent comments, Hellenic Hoteliers Federation President Grigoris Tasios noted that many seasonal workers, mainly aged 25-35, have sought work in other sectors that can guarantee year-round work and a five-day weekly schedule.

Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Vice President Christina Tetradi said a large number of sector employees who used to work mostly in cleaning and restaurants at hotels have opted to work for higher pay and no insurance in the short-term rental sector.

“A villa rented for 1,000 euros a day can provide daily wages of 100 euros per person. At the same time, for example, a hotel that pays an employee 40 euros a day also pays 30 euros for the worker’s insurance and other deductions,” Tetradi noted.

Athens-Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association Secretary-General Evgenios Vassilikos notes that “you can’t find a chef in the job market, even if you look for one.”

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