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22 July, 2024
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Heatwave grips Cyprus even tighter

Temperatures on Friday are expected to soar to 46 degrees Celsius inland, while a yellow warning was even issued for above average heat expected on Thursday night


The heatwave that has been tormenting the Cyprus public this week is showing no signs of backing down, with temperatures on Friday expected to soar to 46 degrees Celsius inland, and to 38-40 degrees in all other areas of the island.

A yellow weather warning has also been issued for Thursday night, when temperatures are expected to reach 26 degrees Celsius inland and at north-eastern coasts, and 25 degrees Celsius in mountain areas.

The yellow warning for high heat will remain in effect from 10pm on Thursday night until 6am on Friday.

Weather officials note that temperatures are set to mark a steady decline over the weekend, but will nevertheless remain above average levels for the period, particularly inland and in mountain regions.

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